New Balance Minimus: Your feet’s best friend


New Balance Minimus

To write this review we wore the shoes for 75+ km (over two years of ownership) and did about 5 hours of online research.

Quantum Data Specs
Extra energy expended due to shoes on a 10 km run: coming soon
More specs coming soon!

Heel midsole height: 8 mm
Height to toe drop: 4 mm
Weight: 194 g
Arch: Neutral

In short, these shoes are Quantum approved.

We have purchased and re-purchased the shoe over the past two years and we absolutely love them. The way the shoe is put together and the materials that New Balance chose for their making gives your foot a snug yet relaxed fit into the shoe. The mesh is also highly breathable which helps release heat and humidity, providing extra comfort. Something we really want to stress is how durable these shoes are. We have been using the New Balance Minimus almost on a daily basis for two years and they have taken the beating like champs. We use them not only for training but also for regular daily activities. They show some wear signs on the counter lining (the part of the shoe that touches your hindfoot), and of course, one can notice reasonable wearing of the outer sole. However, after two years of heavy use, these shoes are still looking decent and are fit for at least another six months, if not more.

So, to buy or not to buy. That is indeed the question. Whether this shoe will end up being a good buy depends on what use you intend to give them and your current needs; so below we give you some reasons to buy and some not to buy the shoes with the hope of answering this seemingly existential pondering you have come across.

Reasons to buy

1. Amazingly responsive shoe.
2. Great fit for any foot shape (adapts well to fit).
3. Very light shoe with enough cushioning for 10 km runs.
4. Great for gym training, providing good stability and comfort for any workout.
5. If you are looking for a minimalistic shoe with very little heel to toe drop.

Reasons not to buy
1. If you want a lot of cushioning and plush ride, this is not the shoe for you.
2. To run more than 10 km it would not be the best choice due to lack of support and cushioning.
3. Not recommended for low-level runners or people that are used to a very supportive shoe. We recommend gradually switching to something more minimalistic before going on the New Balance Minimus.

Bottom line
This shoe is one of our favorites! If you are looking for a comfy, responsive, minimalistic shoe for short runs (ranging from 1-10 km) then this is a shoe for you. We personally use it for sprinting drills on the track as well as gym training sessions and they feel very secure and highly responsive. The low heel to toe drop gives a nice barefoot feel that helps intermediate runners find that sweet spot on the forefoot for maximum propulsion and efficiency.

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