Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2

your high end shoes for training and racing

These amazing shoes will give you excellent mid to long distance running performance for a hefty price. 

Quantum Data Specs:
more specs coming soon!

Heel Drop: 10 mm
Heel Height: 28 mm
Weight: ~220 g
Price: ~$180

Upper: synthetic mesh
Midsole: Nike ZoomX
Outsole: rubber


Are the Turbo 2 worth it?
If you are serious about running and you are looking for high end shoes in which you can both train and race, you might be looking at a winner. The Pegasus Turbo 2 comes with Nike’s ZoomX foam which is lighter, softer and more responsive than any other Nike foam. The energy return for this shoe stands at a whopping 85% (according to Nike), allowing to optimize speed and responsiveness without sacrificing comfort.

Our experience
So far I have tested the Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2 on short runs (up to 10 K, and ~30 K total) and they feel soft and bouncy but they do not slow you down. They also feel VERY light due to their trimmed upper, which has minimal padding. In my opinion, the upper is good but it does have room for improvement. 
From what we’ve read, the upper has faced some criticism due to lack of padding which in some cases has translated to pain on the top part of the foot and heel. I personally like how the shoes fit. They feel snug, highly breathable and the toe box is roomy, but there has been some heel slippage and the laces feel short – even though this has not been a problem so far. Also, the mesh allows for nice and generous ventilation due to its high porosity but this can make light colored shoes not age very well.

Bottom line
To sum it up, by buying the Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2 you are paying a high price to get Nike’s ZoomX foam on your shoe. This will marginally help you achieve new PR’s and definitely give you a great feeling when running – soft yet fast. However, you might be sacrificing some comfort and you could get more bang for your buck elsewhere. Previous versions are currently at a discount so, in my opinion, it is likely that the edge of the ZoomX foam is worth it only for serious runners for whom a seconds matter.


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