Salming Hawk

Great fit, not so great durability

Specs: Stack: center of heel – 23mm ; ball of foot – 16mm
Drop: 7mm
Weight: 347g

General opinion and experience with the shoe:

The Salming Hawk shoes are just so freaking cool it’s hard to resist the temptation to buy them. I also really like their low drop and thin sole. I personally don’t like thick soles for two reasons: I lose touch with the ground and thick soles makes ankle rolling easier, especially if the shoe has a high collar and a firm lining.

The upper makes the shoes fit superbly, they are light and soft yet hold your feet firmly – quite the opposite when compared to most squash shoes I have used before. Squash shoes usually have an extremely rigid upper with a padded tongue, which makes them feel stiff. On the other hand, the hawks feel more malleable since they have a soft upper, a thin tongue and their lacing system is connected to the ExoSkeleton inner cage of the upper. The hawks also provide enough cushioning without sacrificing responsiveness. However, I’m not yet completely sure about the HexaGrip performance since we have only tested these shoes for roughly 15 hours (updates on this later on ).

So far, the biggest potential drawback we’ve seen is upper durability. After roughly 15 hours of testing (games and training) we could already see some deterioration of the upper. This could be a red flag since we have seen other people giving online complaints about the same issue. There is also another model of the Hawks that comes with a reinforced KPU upper, so we are guessing this is Salming’s answer to lack of durability.

Midsole: Recoil™ ERF+SoftFOAM™

Upper: Lining: mesh, ExoSkeleton inner cage

Outsole: HexaGrip™

Important details:
Given what we’ve seen in terms of durability, we would recommend getting the Hawk model that comes with a reinforced upper.

Bottom line:
The hawks have great looks, feel light and comfortable but they seem to lack durability and grip, so they are probably not the best choice – but you will definitely get some compliments on how good they look.

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