Adizero Adios Boost 4: Power & Speed

Responsive, agile and secure…

Quantum Data Specs

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Heel Height: 27 mm
Height to toe drop: 10 mm
Weight: 227 g
Arch: Neutral to pronation

What can I say? My favorite sprint training shoes. Responsive, agile and secure.

As a sprinter, I sometimes struggle to find the right fit for my training sessions on the track that do not involve my spikes. It is important (coming from someone that suffers from shin splints a lot) to have a training shoe that can provide you with sufficient shock absorption and still give you that “kick” on the track for your speed work.

The Adidas Adizero Adios Boost 4 are exactly that; a tight fit for quick sprints, comfort and responsiveness. The way the upper secures your foot is just what any sprinter needs when warming up on the track before putting on their “combat spikes”.

When it comes to longer distances, this shoe is great for a short 10 km but it might not have the most comfortable upper for something longer. I had some issues with blisters just inside of the arch, probably because I am flat footed, but after 3 weeks of use and a couple bandaids it eventually broke in and now feel very comfortable. This is why I would definitely recommend to not get on with a 20 km run the first day or more. Important to break into the shoe because the upper is more designed towards “securing” your foot and a little less comfort. Nevertheless, I think they are still very comfortable for anyone, including persons with wide feet; as myself.

Reasons to buy

  1. Looking for speed? This shoe is for you
  2. Enough shock absorption for 10-25km training sessions or marathon race day
  3. Good for wide feet
  4. Light shoe with enough cushioning
  5. Great for sprint training or any other speed workout
  6. Good transition shoe to go down from usual bulky running shoes to a more minimalistic design
  7. Good shoe for amateur runners looking to improve their times

Reasons not to buy

  1. If you are looking for a very comfortable ride, with extensive cushioning and plush
  2. Not the most durable shoe if you run more than 4 times a week
  3. Might be expensive for some entry level athletes

Bottom line

I definitely enjoy shoes with a bit less heel to toe drop, at 10 mm this shoe gives you just enough for a heel strike but still allows you to go for a forefoot strike if you have mastered it enough. Amazing shoe for speed training if you are a team sport athlete looking for something to train in. Adios boost 4 secure fit will allow you to even run agility drills with comfort and traction at almost any dry surface. Want something to improve your 10 k time? Go ahead and get them as your next investment!

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