Our story...

Quantum started because of a great passion and interest on anything sport-related from two life-long friends living on different hemispheres.

As a Biomedical Engineer (Miguel Knudsen) and an exercise scientist (Mathias Lukauskis) we enjoyed researching extensively on lots of sport’s equipment that we wanted to acquire and then discuss the best choices for our needs. After years of doing this just for fun, Miguel Knudsen proposed to take it to another level and record everything we discussed and researched and decided to start the blog working together.

Miguel Knudsen’s knowledge in biomedical engineering and Mathias’s expertise on athletics and sport science studies help create a great team to give YOU a thorough understanding of what is in the market right now and what can be the best choice for your next purchase!
Miguel Knudsen
Mathias Lukauskis

Miguel Knudsen:

  • BS Biomedical Engineering

  • Passionate for sports, exercise, and movement

Mathias Lukauskis:

  • High level sprinter in 100 and 200 meters (10.30s/21.70s)

  • Exercise and Sport Scientist from University of Technology Sydney

  • Founder of Speed Lab Training